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Media Studies

Media Studies Subject Intent Statement:

The Media is all around us, it affects the way we make certain decisions, it directs us to who and what influences us and the way we demonstrate social behaviours. It has a huge impact on our lives and how we go forward with understanding the validity of messages and values that we are challenged with every single day.

Media Studies is a subject that aims to develop a student’s ability to engage with the ever-evolving world around us. Students will understand how to access and read different media texts, that demonstrate the importance of the media industry and the impact it conveys. It will allow students to recognise how specific media platforms are constructed for consumption, for a diverse range of audiences.

Students will demonstrate that they are able to identify the purpose of a media products, recognise how to appeal to a target audience and how product design can impact the decision’s and choices made by consumers; through analysing a range of media texts. This will give students the skills they need to showcase their knowledge and creativity.

Throughout the course students are encouraged to work independently to form their own ideas and designs for the graphic design element of their coursework. Through exploring examples of existing media products, they will bring their concepts and projects to life, presenting a proficient knowledge of specific pre-production skills that are used for planning, preparation and management.

Students will discover how the practical elements of this course synchronise with the theory aspect, and this will demonstrate their excitement and passion for the subject.

Media studies strives to implement a solid foundation for creativity, social development, influence and understanding of the mass media, and the significance it holds over us. This will give students the tools they need going forward, to work effectively, think creatively and smartly, take a minute to read and understand the messages that society, social media and the press present to us, so they can make good, valid decisions as they step into the next phase of their lives.

Media Studies Subject Intent Statement

Continuous Curriculum Plans Explained


Continuous Curriculum Plan - Media Studies:

Our Continuous Curriculum Plans (CCPs) navigate the academic journey of your child by subject from KS2 all the way up into KS5. They allow both staff, students and parents to be clear on what is being taught and where assessments lay in the school year, which in turn, gives students autonomy over their learning as it empowers them to prepare ahead of time. 

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Continuous Curriculum Plan - Media Studies